Monday, January 24, 2011


This has been a prayer and a dream of my family's. I now have my own art gallery and studio. It's on the same property where I've done my art shows in the past. We're not exactly sure how we'll plan my time yet - maybe I'll go over there to work twice a week or something like that. We'll see. But it is all exciting.


Amanda Kaylon said...

Exciting, indeed! And it's such a charming building, too. I know you will have the interior arranged beautifully with your various art pieces. I will be praying for wisdom for you on how to best incorporate the new studio into your schedule.

Will you be working on other pressed-flower pieces, corn-husk dolls, spinning, etc. while you're at the gallery?

Sarah said...

It will be the place for me to work on my pressed-flower art but I plan to keep my corn husk, spinning and other things at home.

Your prayers are much appreciated. Thank you.


Rebekah Smith said...

oh my gosh, sarah!:-)

your studio is adorable!:-)

can't wait to see pictures of you at work!:-)

thanks for letting us see:-)


Sevast Family said...

Congratulations Sarah! I know you've seen it over and over again, but isn't the Lord faithful to provide your needs and desires! Miss you all!