Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Violet the Snow Maiden

This picture is made of: cattail, gray poplar, aucuba, fall leaves, Queen Anne’s lace, goldenrod, garlic peal, baby’s breath, dusty miller.

A Joyful Mother

This picture is made of: Georgia blue, corn husk, corn flower, corn silk, bark, poppy seed, dill weed.


This picture is made of: ivy, magnolia, rose leaves, eucalyptus, rose of Sharon, fern, Queen Anne’s lace, corn silk, dusty miller, poppy seed, grass, dogwood, heuchera, cloves.

A Blessing

This picture is made of: Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, pansy, corn husk, poppy seed, fern, bark, dill weed, corn silk, rose, African violet, rose of Sharon, loofah gourd, parsley, oregano, nutmeg, cloves.

Springer in Spring

This picture is made of: daffodil, crocus, thrift, nandina, pampas grass, aucuba, leaves, nutmeg, cloves, eucalyptus.

Mother of the Bride

This picture is made of: poinsettia, hydrangea, bark, onion peal, corn silk, corn husk, poppy seed, aucuba, pansy, tendril, gray poplar.

A Quiet Place

This picture is made of: tulip, rose, corn husk, heuchera, aucuba, eucalyptus, pansy, hydrangea, money plant, bluets, yarrow, orange peel, crystal carpet, crocus, grass.